Anonymity and Forced Identity: On Real ID

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Arguing on the internet is like trying to give a cat a bath. Whenever you finally seem to have someone cornered with evidence and superior reasoning, they somehow squirm out and reset the stand-off as if nothing had just occurred. We’ve all experienced that frustration of “winning” an e-debate only to realize that, since it’s on the internet, no one ever has to admit they were wrong. They simply move on, more often than not restarting the same argument hours or days later. It’s intensely frustrating for people who don’t understand that there’s no winning beyond appreciating the rush of the in-the-moment zing against some nasty internet troll. With that in mind, I understand the temptation to demand a way to hold people accountable for what they do and say online.

Leveling Up or Leveling Down: Two Approaches to Outrage Culture

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Allum Bokhari is a political consultant, freelance writer, and former Parliamentary intern. He received his B.A. in History and Politics from the University of Oxford in 2013. He also wrote a pretty neat article about GamerGate for TechCrunch.

1966 was a notable year in the cultural history of the 20th century. It was the year in which the legendary musician Bob Dylan, a notoriously reluctant figurehead of the counterculture movement, announced his retirement from touring.

Always uncomfortable with his position as a hero of the counterculture, and in recovery after a motorcycle accident, Dylan wanted to escape fame and go underground. So as the location for his retirement, he settled on Woodstock – a small, unknown hamlet in upstate New York.

What I Learned Teaching Kids to Code

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KrakkenFrog is a lifelong tabletop and PC gamer. As a teacher, he shares his experiences teaching math, history, and computer programming.

There are few creatures on the planet less sure of themselves than a middle school student. Typically the 11-12 year old, wedged between the tail end of a childhood but not yet hitting the independence-driven teen years, is aching to find a place to belong. Though admittedly biased on the subject, I think there is a tremendous opportunity for teachers and parents to reach their students to spark something amazing. Over the better part of a decade, I have had the unique opportunity to work on sparking the imaginations of thousands of students.

Culture out of Chaos: The NotYourShield Uprising

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Jason Miller AKA J_millerworks is credited for creating the idea behind NotYourShield. He is the developer of UltraGamr for Windows and Android, as well as Polar Roller Nights for Android. He can also be found on Patreon.
It’s 11:41PM. I’m getting ready to go patrol my city for arsonists practicing a cruel tradition called “Devil’s Night”.  I’m hoping that this year, the community can beat our record low of 90 homes burned to the ground for no particular reason but repetition. On the internet, I’ve just seen police get sent to a man’s house on false claims he’d threatened suicide.  I’m currently unemployed due to a harassment campaign against my home, work, and family.  A forum for depressed people is under attack.  Friends’ addresses and phone numbers are being posted online faster than Twitter can process our reports of said posts. All this cruelty is happening under a watchful media who chooses to remain silent while a woman with hair styled by Gorillas In The Mist, who left her home because of threatening tweets, looks into a television camera and tells us all, “I’m the victim, remember?”

What is GamerGate? | Revised

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10/27/2014 – Editor’s note: In light of the growing rhetoric about ‘culture wars’ on twitter and elsewhere, I’ve decided to revise this article. Having strongly considered the implications of the culture war narrative, I think it wise to distance ourselves from it. The ‘Gamers are Dead’ articles did undoubtedly make it a matter of us vs them. But that is a war of solidarity, of gamers vs anti-gamers. The war of Social Justice Warriors vs anti-SJWs is a culture war which the media, despite not having coined the phrase, has deliberately engineered as a goldmine for clickbait. I think I was guilty of indulging in this kind of rhetoric, and for that I apologize. I believe we should attempt, as best as we can, to separate the issues of ethics and corruption from that of political and cultural disagreement. Do not fight the culture war, #GamerGate. Fight the information war.

What is GamerGate?

GamerGate is a power struggle over the issues of corruption and ethics reforms in an $80+ billion industry. On one side is the leaderless consumer revolt of #GamerGate, comprised of those who identify themselves as gamers and those who are sympathetic to the concerns of gamers. On the other side is a collusive and corrupt network of journalists, PR reps, and media socialites who have explicitly disclosed their hatred of the gamer identity and their complete lack of respect for gamers.

‘Journalists’ don’t have to be your representatives. ‘Journalists’ are over.

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Often we say “I’m a game culture person”, but lately it is hard to know exactly what that means. Journalism as we know it is somewhat embarrassing – it’s nothing but yellow journalism. It’s lying about things, spackling over memes and in-jokes repeatedly, and it’s getting mad on the internet.  Journalism is nothing but young social justice proponents queuing with colored hair, privilege, and authoritarian propaganda. Queuing passionately for hours, at events around the world, to see the things that more powerful social justice proponents want them to see. To find out what they should follow. They don’t know how to dress or behave. Cameras pan across these mindless drones, and often catch the expressions of people who don’t quite know why they themselves are standing there.