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Watch Dogs 2 Cheat Table +15 {STN}

Trainer Releaser: STN
Date: 10-03-2017
+15 Cheat Engine Table


Unlimited Health
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload
Unlimited Battery
Unlimited Money


Cielos – scripts
if you want a “no reload” which only work on the player only, try this one in the attached table.

the table contains a modified no reload by STN, plus two simple scripts I posted in text form earlier , ignore research requirment, and countdown mod.

no reload
– modified from STN’s No Reload script.
– added a conditional check to ensure it works on player only.
– also added a conditional check to stop the decreasing of ammo clip at 1, i.e., ammo clip still decrease when fired until it reach zero, hence no need to reload.

ignore research requirement
– you can learn any skills with 0 Research Point and 0 Key Data
– Research Points still decrease normally until it reaches 0.

countdown mod
– modify the behaviour of any on-screen big countdown timer, e.g. Lenni’s mission.
– when activated, press numpad0 + numpad1 to lock at full.
– press numpad0 + numpad2 to lock at custom threshold.
– press numapd0 + numpad. to disable (without deactivating the script).
– custom threshold can be changed via the table.
– custom threshold default: 30 (countdown stop decreasing when there’s 30 secs left), which can be changed inside the script (line 3).

JDimensional – scripts
Freeze Activities Timer
Unlimited Devices
Unlimited Research Points
Mega Research Points
Mega Followers
Lenny Freeze Time
+updated health/ammo/undetected scripts

How to disable Easy Anticheat:

Go to Game Properties in Uplay and click on Edit next to game launch arguments. Enter -eac_launcher and click Save.

ArmY of 0n3 Table v1.

Cielos research points cheat

Watch Dogs 2 +15 Cheat Table 10-03-2017

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