Ultimate General Civil War Trainer +8 V0.76 {MrAntiFun}

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Ultimate General Civil War v0.76 +8 Trainer-MrAntiFun
Trainer Releaser: MrAntiFun
Date: 09-03-2017
+8 Trainers
 Ultimate General Civil War Trainer +8 V0.76 {MrAntiFun}


F1 – Active Trainer
F2 – Infinite Health
F3 – Infinite Supplies
F4 – Infinite Condition
F5 – Infinite Morale
F6 – Instant Reload
F7 – Infinite Money
F8 – Infinite Recruits
F9 – Maximum Armory Equipment


First select a unit of yours in game then activate trainer
First fire at enemy units then activate the health, supplies, reload, condition, morale cheats
First spend money then activate money cheat
First spend recruits then activate recruits cheat
First buy a single weapon in armory then activate armory cheat then buy a weapon again and all equipment will be set to 9999


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