Stardew Valley Cheat Table for Cheat Engine

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Stardew Valley Cheat Table +9 {Zanzer}

Trainer Releaser: Zanzer
Date: 17-03-2017
+9 Cheat Engine Table


Player Pointers
Current Health
Maximum Health
Current Stamina
Maximum Stamina
Move Speed
Club Coins
Glow Rate
Is Glowing

How to use Stardew Valley Cheat Table:

1 – Start the game

2 – Go to Cheat Engine.

3 – Load the ct

4 – Click on cheats you wish to activate.


Experience Pointers
Set your experience to a corresponding value listed below.
Then gain experience normally through an in-game action.

1         99
2        379
3        769
4       1299
5       2149
6       3299
7       4799
8       6899
9       9999
10     14999

Skill Pointers
Skill Points
Bonus Farming
Bonus Mining
Bonus Combat
Bonus Foraging
Bonus Fishing
Bonus Luck

Upgrade Pointers
Days Left for Tool Upgrade
Days Left for House Upgrade
Crafting Time
House Upgrade Level
Coop Upgrade Level
Barn Upgrade Level

Unlimited Stamina
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Watering Can
Instant Harvest
Instant Fruit Tree Growth ***New***
Unlimited Fruit on Tree ***New***
Instant Tree Growth
Set Run Speed
Last Crop Walked Over Pointer
Instant Tree Chopping

Calendar Pointer
Clock Time
Freeze Time

Season Pointer

Mouseover Stackable Pointer
Item ID
Stack Size

Mouseover Tool Pointer
Upgrade Level
Attachment Slots
Other Variables

Fishing Pointers
Hook a fish and then alt+tab to pause the game.
Change the Fish ID to ANY item in the game to spawn it.

Always Catch Fish
Always Fish Treasure

Last NPC You Walked Through
Love Interest
Days Until Birthing
Is Married
Is Datable
Has Been Kissed Today

Stardew Valley +9 Cheat Table 17-03-2017


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