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Imperium Galactica 2 Cheat Table +8 {Or-Horo}

Trainer Releaser: Or-Horo
Date: 05-03-2017
+8 Cheat Engine Table


1. You can set starting cash to 999.999.999 $ (now it works for Solarian and Krahen’s in all difficulties).
2. You can change experience of all 12 spies (testet under Solarian only)
3. You can change ammount of citizens and production bonus of almost 70 planets (It is not really necessary to change it on all planets, just on few favorites). It is possible to set it up to 2000% (theoreticly up to 999999%).


For starting cash
– Start a new campaign in any difficulty for Solarian or Krahen’s
– Open CE tab.
– Set cash to 999.999.999$ for your race (not for both!!!)
– Tick a square for freezing up of this value
– Then Exit to Main Menu
– Start a new campaign again for the same race.
– Then untick (uncheck) a square in CE and starting cash is seted up.

You can’t change it during a game, it doesn’t works. If you will try it, game will go to the negative values and game will be unplayable.

For changing Spy experience:
– Check how many XP has you spy (for example 28.354 XP)
– Open CE tab
– Rewrite a value to 200.000 XP
– After one action (training or spy mission) your agent will get 200.000 XP and up to 65 skill points (no more).
– You can have maximum 12 spies.
Tested under Solarian Campaign only, Krahen’s don’t have spies.

Changing of planet citizens or production bonus.
– Colonize a planet.
– Check how many citizens your planet have (2083 etc.)
– Open CE table.
– Find the value (over 70 planets, so it may takes some time)
– You can change ammount of citizens and/or production bonus.

I recommend:
1. To build all buildings (large houses, colony pods, food factiories, power plants, hospitals, police stations, bar, recreation center a stadium) first.
2. Then you can set how many citizens you wish. Planet can have over 150.000 citizens, but you will need very much buildings, so start on lesser number, for example 30.000 and then you will see.
3. You can change production bonus (bonus will speed up ships / vehicles constructing). I recommend a bonus 300 – 1000% for the beginning, no more. It depends on your cash (if you have a starting cash cheat, it can be up to 2000%). Theoreticly it can be up to 999.999% but game will be unplayable in this case.
4. Don’t change citizens and bonuses on all planets. It is bit boring to playing with CE so long time. Just change few of your favourite planets.

Imperium Galactica 2 +8 Cheat Table 05-03-2017


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