Realpolitiks Trainer +8 V1.3 {MrAntiFun}

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Realpolitiks Trainer v1.3 +8-MrAntiFun
Trainer Releaser: MrAntiFun
Date: 19-02-2017
+8 Trainers

 Realpolitiks Trainer +8 V1.3 {MrAntiFun}


F1 – Inf.Money

F2 – Inf.Money

F3 – No Debt

F4 – Inf.Nature Resources

F5 – Inf.Action Points

F6 – No Unemployment

F7 – Super HDI Level

F8 – Instant Project

F9 – Instant Building Progress


First start game world, Select a country and pass a day then activate trainer and cheats.

First start researching a project then activate instant project cheat.

First start building something like tanks or whatever then activate Instant Building Progress cheat.


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