Tales of Berseria Trainer +10 V1.0 {WEMOD}

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Tales of Berseria v1.0 +10 Trainer-WEMOD
Trainer Releaser: WEMOD
Date: 27-01-2017
+10 Trainers

Tales of Berseria Trainer +10 V1.0 {WEMOD}


NumPad1: Infinite Health

NumPad2: Infinite Souls

NumPad3: Unlimited Battle Gauge

NumPad4: One Hit Kills

NumPad5: Unlimited Items

NumPad6: Unlimited Of Discard Item

NumPad7: Change Gald By

NumPad8: Change Level Of Selected Character By

NumPad9: Change EXP Of Selected Character By

NumPad0: Get All Items

NumPad/: Super Speed

NumPad*: Add EXP To Selected Item/Equipment

NumPad-: Save Anywhere

NumPad+: Add EXP To Selected Art


Editor Options:


Selected Character: Level

Selected Character: EXP

Selected Character: Max Health

Selected Character: ATK

Selected Character: DEF

Selected Character: A. ATK

Selected Character: A. DEF

Selected Character: Focus


Press F1 at main menu.

Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.

Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Unlimited Items: While active open your inventory and all visible items are unlimited.

Unlimited OF Discard Item: In case you want only a specific item to be unlimited use this option. While active discard the item you want to be unlimited.

Change Gald By: Open the status screen showing your gald and press hotkey. Close the screen and open it again to see changes.

Change Level / EXP / Stats Of Selected Character: On your status screen click on the character you want to edit. Then press hotkey or make your changes on the editor. Leave the screen and enter it again to see changes.

Get All Items: Unlimited items cheat must be off. Activate this cheat and open your inventory and browse through all categories and you will get all items in the game. This may break the game so use it at your own risk.

Super Speed: While active you move MUCH faster.

Add EXP To Selected Item/Equipment: Open your equipment screen or your inventory and MOUSE HOVER the item you want to add EXP to. Press hotkey. Switch to another item and back to see changes.

Save Anywhere: While active you can save your game anywhere. Open ingame menu and click the save icon.

Add EXP To Selected Art: Open your Art screen and MOUSE HOVER the art you want to add EXP to. Press hotkey switch to another item and back to see changes.


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