Avorion Trainer +8 VBeta 0.10.1 r7302 {CheatHappens}

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Avorion vBeta 0.10.1 r7302 +8 Trainer-CheatHappens
Trainer Releaser: CheatHappens
Date: 26-01-2017
+8 Trainers
 Avorion Trainer +8 VBeta 0.10.1 r7302 {CheatHappens}


Numpad 1: Reset Trainer

Numpad 2: Add Credits

Numpad 3: Add Iron

Numpad 4: Add Titanium

Numpad 5: Add Naonite

Numpad 6: Add Trinium

Numpad 7: Add Xanion

Numpad 8: Add Ogonite

Numpad 9: Add Avorion


Numpad 1: Reset Trainer – at the beginning of the game when your ship enters the space world, press this option to capture the data and to allow the trainer to work. If it appears that the trainer stops working or you end the game and then re-enter the game from the main menu, you may need to do this again.


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