ARK Survival Evolved Trainer +15 V253.96 {CheatHappens}

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ARK Survival Evolved v253.96 +15 Trainer-CheatHappens
Trainer Releaser: CheatHappens
Date: 16-01-2017
+15 Trainers

 ARK Survival Evolved Trainer +15 V253.96 {CheatHappens}


NumPad1: Infinite Health

NumPad2: Infinite Stamina

NumPad3: Infinite Oxygen

NumPad4: Unlimited Food

NumPad5: Unlimited Water

NumPad6: Change EXP By 500

NumPad7: Change Engram Points By 5

NumPad8: Change Quantity Of Selected Item By 5

NumPad9: Instant Craft

NumPad0: Perfect Item Condition

NumPad/: Freeze Poop Timer

NumPad*: Instant Taming

NumPad-: Unlimited Quickslot Items

NumPad+: Super Running Speed

Editor Options:

Player: Poop Timer

Player: Health

Player: Stamina

Player: Oxygen

Player: Food

Player: Water

Player: Weight

Player: Bonus Health

Player: Bonus Stamina

Player: Torpor

Player: Bonus Oxygen

Player: Bonus Food

Player: Bonus Water

Player: Bonus Weight

Player: Hypothermal Insulation

Player: EXP

Player: Level

Player: Engram Points

Player: Selected Item Quantity

Player: Max Weight

Player: Meele Damage Bonus

Player: Movement Speed Bonus

Player: Fortitude

Player: Crafting Speed Bonus



ARK Survival Evolved v253.96 +15 Trainer 16-01-2017


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